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Thursday, May 6th, 2010

The last week has seen the house martins and swallows arrive, a little later than last year.  No sign of the swifts as yet, although they are usually about 2/3 weeks later.  I heard a cuckoo on Thursday, although Gordon says he has been hearing them for about 2 weeks.  I obviously spend too much time in the office!  Still waiting to see the Osprey, hopefully this week as this too is later than usual, the Ospreys at Boat of Garten have eggs already. Station cottage is a great place to stay if you want to see the Ospreys. For those interested in birdwatching and wildlife watching, Taigh Fiodha is near the RSPB reserve at  Nigg Bay in Easter Ross and visitors to Poulary Cottage, situated in Glen Garry between Fort William and Inverness, can be lucky enough to White tailed Eagles and Osprey from the garden!

I was delighted to see a couple of young rabbits this week too.  The rabbits had almost disappeared during the winter, been hit very hard by the cold.  I have been watching one collecting dried grass for its nest and it was great to see the young, I am sure there will be many more to come now.  The roe deer that I mentioned in my last blog, is now proudly displaying her twin fawns.  I have tried to photograph them but they are very wary as yet.  The female mallard is laying her eggs, I have noticed the male is often on his own during the day, but they both appears later for a feed and a swim. They do seem to spend the night sleeping by the edge of the pond, I hope they rear some young, its lovely to see the ducklings trailing behind mum and taking their first swim.

Gordon has been watching the fly life and the fish are rising now on the lochs and some spinners are about, although we need some warmth.  Indications are it’s on its way. Many of our holiday cottages are suitable for a relaxing break and a spot of fishing, in particular Burnside Cottage of Geddes (Sleeps 6) and Brackenhaugh (Sleeps 4) are very close to Trout fisheries and salmon fishing is available in the River Nairn nearby.

Gordon and I had a lovely day on the west last weekend, the dogs had a fabulous time in the sea, in fact so did I.  We love going to Sands on the Applecross peninsula, the home to Monty Hall and his Great Escape!  and of course we always finish the day with a lovely meal at the Applecross Inn or the Potting Shed – Applecross Inn this time. Its a great place to take a break see our Northern Highlands, Wester Ross & Easter Ross region for some lovely peaceful holiday cottages in this area.

Spring in Scotland

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010
Ducks enjoying a scottish pond

The Mallard ducks enjoying a swim

Late into the evening last night we could hear the birds still singing a sure sign that Spring is here. It seems like it has been a very long winter, in fact it has!. We got our first snow on the 17th December and it seems like we have had traces of snow from then until last week. I must say though despite the snowy conditions all our guests over Christmas and New Year got to the cottages and had a fabulous time enjoying the seasonal weather – we all like a white Christmas. Well enough about the Winter – we are delighted that spring now seems to have arrived. The gardens at last have some colour, albeit mostly yellow, as the daffodils have finely flowered. The birds are enjoying the sunshine and are busy collecting materials for their nests, (why is it the females seem to do this while the males just stand and watch).

Our chickens

Some of our chickens

The office for Wilderness Cottages, is a log cabin in our garden and it’s a lovely place to work, especially on days like today. The sun is streaming through the window and looking out we can see a roe deer grazing in the woodland a pair of mallard ducks are enjoying a swim on the pond after spending the morning sleeping on the bank and our bantams are strolling around the garden. We incubated the bantam chickens last summer, a selection of pekins, red and lavender and some silkies, sadly only one silkie hatched. Scruffy – a beautiful black one. I have named them all but I am sure you don’t really want to know their names. They have a lovely time roaming round the garden and visiting our guests at Lianachan. They like to sit and watch our dogs too, they perch on the fence opposite the kennel run for hours at a time, probably telling the dogs how good it is outside! Laurel one of the cockerels is very vocal so don’t be surprised if you hear him in the background if you call the office.