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About Wilderness Cottages


We would like to introduce ourselves and our policies to you and help you to get to know who we are. Wilderness cottages was formed in 1993 and grew from letting a single self catering cottage near Loch Ness to the business we have today. We offer a selection of high quality holiday cottages, houses and apartments throughout Scotland.

Wilderness Cottages visits every individual property to ensure our guests receive the quality they are expecting and this is where we have an advantage over many larger agencies, who very often have not visited the cottages and who's interest really only lies in marketing the summer season.

Although we have now increased the number of cottages we let, we have continued with the same policies - environmentally friendly, pet friendly (wherever possible - a few cottages are really not suitable) and, most importantly, with personal customer service, both prior to and during your holiday. We are always available to help sort out any problems that you might have and are only a phone call away.

As you will see, while browsing our web site, we offer self catering holiday accommodation across Scotland. Popular areas include the west coast, from Sutherland to Argyll and Bute, including the Isle of Skye, where many of you are keen to stay. Some of you enjoy 2 centre holidays - what better combination than a week on the west coast or in Perthshire, followed by a week near the ever mysterious Loch Ness.

Our Environment

Being mindful about the environment with the need to preserve the landscape and to minimise pollution everywhere, we feel it is especially important in places like the Highlands, where clean air and beautiful unspoilt scenery are still prevalent, to take special care.

We try to play our part by encouraging the owners of our self catering cottages to provide recycling containers for glass, aluminium drinks cans, metal cans, cardboard, with a compost heap for organic waste. We also encourage our owners to provide environmentally friendly, cleaning materials and detergents.

Our Wild Friends

Where feeders of tables are provided, the birds are fed regularly throughout the year and we are always very grateful if you take over this pleasurable task while you are in residence. You will be rewarded with hours of amusement! However, please put whole peanuts in the wire holders, and not on the bird table especially during the nesting season, (April through to August) as the chicks could easily choke on whole nuts. Thank you.

Pine martens enjoy jam sandwiches!! They have been known to come into close proximity for such delicacies in the summer evenings. Red squirrels come to several of our cottage gardens for the hazelnuts which grow in abundance in the area, and during the autumn you will see them busily gathering them for their winter stores.

Sika and the native roe deer are regular garden visitors and are frequently seen walking the boundaries looking wistfully at the garden succulents, so please keep garden gates closed, especially at night!

Birds you may see in this area include golden eagle, osprey, peregrine falcon, heron, slavonian grebe, curlew, crossbills, woodcock, goosander, goldeneye, buzzard, red kites and many, many more. A half hours drive will take you to the Moray Firth to see the most northerly pod of bottlenose dolphins in Britain.

Our Canine Companions

We positively encourage you to bring your dogs on holiday with you - they so love places and spaces new. With forest trails and long beaches for walking, they will be in seventh heaven. With them in mind, we have written a special Pets Welcome page.

See you soon.

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