Wilderness Cottages Environmental Policy

Wilderness Cottages are committed to providing a good, high quality service whilst also minimising the environmental impact of our activities and we encourage our cottage owners and guests to follow this example.

We would encourage all our guests to ensure that their environmental impact is as light as possible while holidaying with us.


Due to the remoteness of most of our properties using public transport quite often isn't a viable option. However, for those that are able, getting out of the car and experiencing Scotland on foot or by bicycle is an exceptionally rewarding experience.


Please recycle whenever you can. Most of our properties provide recyling facilities, please use the bins provided.

Respect the countryside

We value our wild areas and want people to experience them in their pristine beauty. However, access to the countryside comes with the responsibilty to look after your surroundings. At the very least you should dispose of your litter responsibly and while you're out and about the best thing to do is to take it back to your accommodation and dispose of it there.

Scottish Natural Heritage have created a very useful web site that holds all sorts of information that will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors in Scotland. We'd encourage you to visit this site before your visit to Scotland. In particular, if you are planning on venturing into the hills on foot or by bicycle, you should look at the sections on Hillwalking & Stalking.

Some other useful websites that can assist you with your planning are: - Mountain Weather Service - Mountaineering Council for Scotland - Scottish Avalanche Information Service (Winter)