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Pet Friendly Holiday Cottages in Scotland

Bringing Your Pet on a Self Catering Holiday

Below you will find our pet friendly holiday cottages. As dog owners ourselves we know how important it is to have our furry friends join us on holiday, they are part of the family after all. Wilderness Cottages are pleased to be able to offer a range of properties throughout Scotland that will accept dogs and all self-catering accommodation on this page accept pets.

Scotland is a great place for you to explore with your dog with numerous forests, moorlands, hills, trails and pathways to explore and without travelling too far, beaches too. With so many sights, smells and sounds your four legged friend will be in seventh heaven.

Find a Holiday Cottage...

Achbeag - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig


Ardbeg - Wester Ross


Ardrannach - Skye & Lochalsh


Beach Lodge - Dumfries & Galloway

Beach Lodge

Braehead Steading - Cairngorms National Park

Braehead Steading

Cameron's Cottage - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness

Cameron's Cottage

Campbell House - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Campbell House

Cattle Shed - Cairngorms National Park

Cattle Shed

Cedar Cottage - Inverness, Nairn & The Black Isle

Cedar Cottage

Ceol na Mara - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Ceol na Mara

Charleston - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness


Christies - Sutherland & Caithness


Cnoc Ard - Sutherland & Caithness

Cnoc Ard

Courtyard Cottages No 5 - Garden Cottage - Abbey - Fort Augustus Abbey

Courtyard Cottages No 5 - Garden Cottage - Abbey

Creag nah Iolaire - Drumnadrochit, Glenurquhart, Strathglass & Beauly

Creag nah Iolaire

Cuaig Croft - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Cuaig Croft

Don Cottage - Drumnadrochit, Glenurquhart, Strathglass & Beauly

Don Cottage

Drumfad Barn - Dumfries & Galloway

Drumfad Barn

Drumfad Cottage - Dumfries & Galloway

Drumfad Cottage

Earth House - Wester Ross

Earth House

Easter Knocklea Cottage - Cairngorms National Park

Easter Knocklea Cottage

Erchless Cottage - Drumnadrochit, Glenurquhart, Strathglass & Beauly

Erchless Cottage

Fhaireag - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness


Fon Tobar - Skye & Lochalsh

Fon Tobar

Gate House - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness

Gate House

Glenara - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness


Grain Store - Cairngorms National Park

Grain Store

Greenbrae East - Perthshire, Angus & Dundee

Greenbrae East

Heather - Lothian & Borders


Hill Cottage - Sutherland & Caithness

Hill Cottage
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Bringing Your Pet to Scotland on Holiday

Important Information about Bringing Your Pet On Holiday

As with most things there are horses for courses meaning that a dog friendly cottage to one person is not for another. Much depends on your dog and his/her routine, level of energy, how vocal etc. We personally prefer a cottage that you can open the door and know the garden is securely fenced, not necessarily because our dogs would go 'walkies' but simply for peace of mind, so please choose carefully the cottage that would most suit you and your pet. If you are in any doubt, then please call or email us, we will give you our true and honest opinion as to which is best for you.

Loch Ness is an excellent choice, as far as your dogs are concerned. There is no better place to, "let your fur down" or "put your paws up" with lots of forest and hill trails to walk. It is also a very good place to get lost in the forest, so best behaviour is the rule of the day. We have known dogs to be lost for up to 3 days in the extensive forests here, after chasing deer, (which, incidentally they would have no chance of catching). However, it is rare; because we know most of your dogs that choose to come to Scotland for holiday are obedient! Or at least prefer the security of a lead in the forest.

Keeping Things Clean

There is also a matter of dog pooh! Many of you reading this will no doubt have seen cottages that you would like to go to with your dog but which do not allow pets. From a wide knowledge and experience of self catering, and also as cottage agents and owners ourselves, we can tell you, that for some cottage owners, it only takes one thoughtless pet owner to convince a cottage owner to ban dogs, and that is such a shame! We do our best to encourage cottage owners to allow pets, and we appeal to you not to give them any reason to deny you and your dog a well deserved holiday!!

We have our own dog, and at home we clear up their mess just as we expect you to clear up your "dogs parcels". We provide a shovel at all dog friendly cottages to do it with as it is just not fair to leave it lying about for following visitors to get on their shoes and worse, for children to be exposed to it and the risk of disease. We do accept that it is easy to miss the odd heap, but please do your best to clear it all up before you go. It is also a good idea to dry your dogs before taking them into cottages, especially when conditions are muddy. Thoughtful dog owners like this are always made welcome by cottage owners.

Taking Care

Some holiday cottage do not allow dogs because some pet owners tend to leave them alone in a strange cottage and consequently, the dog does its best to get out, (we once had a Great Dane enlarge a cat flap in a door to a size big enough for a lion!!) or it takes it out on the cottage furniture. Very expensive!! For this reason we ask that you take your dog with you when you go out. After all, it is THEIR holiday too!

We hope you can keep your dog off cottage furniture but concede that it is very difficult to do so if they are used to lying on the sofa at home! If this rings bells with you, then please bring a cage for them to sleep in, or at the very least bring covers to protect the furniture (some cottages provide covers for your use, if you forget to bring yours). If your dog sleeps on or in the bed at home, then we urge you to think carefully about where they will sleep whilst on holiday, as under NO circumstances should they be allowed onto the beds even with covers. Again this is where a cage could help.


We are sometimes approached by distressed owners because Fido has picked up a tick or two after rolling about in the heather. This is more often during the summer when ticks sit on the tops of plants waiting for Fido to come along(but more likely they would prefer venison ). We are happy to give instructions for tick removal, and in some especially dog friendly cottages you will find written instructions on how to deal with them.

We would advise you as dog owners coming to the Highlands with your dogs, to visit the vet before you leave home, to get them treated with Frontline tick repellent. We use it on our dogs regularly and it is simple to apply - simply pour the drops of Frontline on the skin of the back of the dogs neck to keep them totally free of ticks for one month and fleas for up to two months. You can then spend your holiday romping through forest and glen without any nasty surprises when you get home!

And finally...

Scotland is a place to be enjoyed by all. We have many dogs and owners who return year after year and rarely do we have a problem. For those of you that don't own a dog, we would expect that you will not notice a dog has been before you. Below you will find a list of cottages that are happy to accept pets, we hope you enjoy your holiday.