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Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Scotland

Tail-Wagging Holidays in Scotland -
Cottages for You & Your Pup

Skip the kennels and embark on an unforgettable Scottish adventure with your furry best friend! At Wilderness Cottages, we understand that dogs are cherished members of the family. That's why we offer a range of dog-friendly cottages across stunning Scottish landscapes.

Imagine cosy nights by the fireplace after exploring rolling hills, hidden lochs, and dramatic coastlines together. With so many sights, smells, and adventures to discover, your dog will be in doggy heaven, and you'll create lasting memories that you'll both treasure.

Browse our selection of dog-friendly cottages below and find the perfect escape for your next Scottish adventure!

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages

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North Lodge - Dumfries & Galloway

North Lodge

Red Kite Log Cabin - Inverness, Nairn & The Black Isle

Red Kite Log Cabin

Log House - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness

Log House

Cedar Cottage - Inverness, Nairn & The Black Isle

Cedar Cottage

Stable Cottage - Dumfries & Galloway

Stable Cottage

Ceol na Mara - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Ceol na Mara

The Haven - Inverness, Nairn & The Black Isle

The Haven

Toberaie - Cairngorms National Park


The Granary - Drumnadrochit, Glenurquhart, Strathglass & Beauly

The Granary

Jura - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig


Cattle Shed - Cairngorms National Park

Cattle Shed

Upper Folds - Cairngorms National Park

Upper Folds

Charleston - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness


Seascape Cottage - Dumfries & Galloway

Seascape Cottage

Ardrannach - Skye & Lochalsh


Plodda Falls Lodge - Drumnadrochit, Glenurquhart, Strathglass & Beauly

Plodda Falls Lodge

Kincardine Cottage - Cairngorms National Park

Kincardine Cottage

Seabank Cottage - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Seabank Cottage

South Lodge - Argyll & Bute

South Lodge

Grain Store - Cairngorms National Park

Grain Store

Shellach Cottage - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Shellach Cottage

Achbeag - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig


The Coltsfoots - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness

The Coltsfoots

Shore Cottage - Dumfries & Galloway

Shore Cottage

The Mill - Cairngorms National Park

The Mill

Pityoulish Cottage - Cairngorms National Park

Pityoulish Cottage

Victoria Cottage - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Victoria Cottage

Loch Cottage - Cairngorms National Park

Loch Cottage

Earth House - Wester Ross

Earth House

Seal Skerry Lodge - Skye & Lochalsh

Seal Skerry Lodge

Campbell House - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Campbell House

Katie's Cottage - Skye & Lochalsh

Katie's Cottage

Poulary Cottage - Fort William & Lochaber

Poulary Cottage

Old Lock Keepers Cottage - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness

Old Lock Keepers Cottage

Wildwood - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness


Cnoc Ard - Sutherland & Caithness

Cnoc Ard

Cameron's Cottage - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness

Cameron's Cottage

Hill Cottage - Sutherland & Caithness

Hill Cottage

Udrigle House - Wester Ross

Udrigle House

The Barn, Corrimony - Drumnadrochit, Glenurquhart, Strathglass & Beauly

The Barn, Corrimony

Lilybank - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness


Tor Cottage - Western Isles

Tor Cottage

Leachachan Barn - Skye & Lochalsh

Leachachan Barn

Old Stables - Drumnadrochit, Glenurquhart, Strathglass & Beauly

Old Stables

Braehead Steading - Cairngorms National Park

Braehead Steading

Stoer Lodge - Sutherland & Caithness

Stoer Lodge

Ardbeg - Wester Ross


Seahorses - Sutherland & Caithness


Beach Lodge - Dumfries & Galloway

Beach Lodge

Easter Knocklea Cottage - Cairngorms National Park

Easter Knocklea Cottage

Weiroch Lodge - Cairngorms National Park

Weiroch Lodge

Log Ness - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness

Log Ness

Shepherd's Cottage - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Shepherd's Cottage

Making Memories with Your Dog in Scotland

Here are some helpful tips to ensure a smooth and pawsome holiday for both you and your pup!

Choosing the Perfect Cottage

We offer a variety of dog-friendly cottages across stunning landscapes. Fenced gardens provide extra peace of mind and playtime for some furry friends. Let us know your dog's needs, and we'll help you find the perfect fit!

Exploring Scotland with Your Dog

Scotland boasts vast areas to explore and breathtaking scenery. Remember, staying on designated trails keeps everyone safe and happy. Keeping your pouch on a lead is essential if you walk near livestock.

Also, when you go out, you must take your dog with you - after all, it's their holiday too!

Keeping Things Clean

Responsible dog owners are always welcome! Many of our dog-friendly cottages come equipped with a poop scoop for your convenience. We recommend that you bring environmentally friendly poo bags with you and dispose of them responsibly. Bringing dog towels for drying muddy paws is also handy.

Making Your Dog Feel at Home

Most cottage owners would prefer that pets be kept off furniture, so you can keep them happy by taking simple precautions. We recommend bringing a familiar bed or covers for dogs accustomed to home furniture. Some cottages even provide throws! Please remember that your furry friend is not allowed on beds in our cottages. So, if they usually like to cuddle up at night, consider how you will make them more comfortable. While on holiday, a familiar dog crate offers a cosy space for your dog to relax.

Tick Prevention

A visit to your vet before your trip ensures your dog receives proper tick medication. This allows you to focus on enjoying the beautiful scenery without worry.

Unforgettable Adventures Await

Scotland offers endless opportunities for exploration and fun for you and your furry companion. We look forward to welcoming you both!

Walks in the Woods - Dogs Love Scotland!