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Self Catering Short Breaks in Scotland

Holiday Cottages & Self Catering Accommodation Offering Short Breaks

Are you looking for a weekend away in a Scottish holiday cottage? Perhaps a mid-week break has more appeal? We have a selection of holiday cottages that offer short breaks at various times of the year. If you're looking for a short break to recharge your batteries, a wilderness cottage could be the very thing…

Please check each property's availability calendars for more details, or use our search facility - selecting a Monday (4 nights) or Friday (3 nights) start date will provide the best results.

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Log House - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness

Log House

Ceol na Mara - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Ceol na Mara

Red Kite Log Cabin - Inverness, Nairn & The Black Isle

Red Kite Log Cabin

Hill Cottage - Sutherland & Caithness

Hill Cottage

Charleston - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness


Campbell House - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Campbell House

Wildwood - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness


The Granary - Drumnadrochit, Glenurquhart, Strathglass & Beauly

The Granary

Old Stables - Drumnadrochit, Glenurquhart, Strathglass & Beauly

Old Stables

Poulary Cottage - Fort William & Lochaber

Poulary Cottage

The Haven - Inverness, Nairn & The Black Isle

The Haven

Jura - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig


Stablemans Lodge - Cairngorms National Park

Stablemans Lodge

Rhundunan - Skye & Lochalsh


Cattle Shed - Cairngorms National Park

Cattle Shed

The Mill - Cairngorms National Park

The Mill

Grain Store - Cairngorms National Park

Grain Store

Ardrannach - Skye & Lochalsh


Matheson's Croft House - Skye & Lochalsh

Matheson's Croft House

Shore Cottage - Dumfries & Galloway

Shore Cottage

Katie's Cottage - Skye & Lochalsh

Katie's Cottage

The Coltsfoots - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness

The Coltsfoots

Balachladdich - Inverness, Nairn & The Black Isle


Oak Cottage - Perthshire, Angus & Dundee

Oak Cottage

Swallow Byre - Sutherland & Caithness

Swallow Byre

Toberaie - Cairngorms National Park


Cameron's Cottage - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness

Cameron's Cottage

Kincardine Cottage - Cairngorms National Park

Kincardine Cottage

Leachachan Barn - Skye & Lochalsh

Leachachan Barn

Achbeag - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig


Stoer Lodge - Sutherland & Caithness

Stoer Lodge

Reyflat Barn - Inverness, Nairn & The Black Isle

Reyflat Barn

Eilean Mor Cottage - Skye & Lochalsh

Eilean Mor Cottage

Port Elgol Cottage - Skye & Lochalsh

Port Elgol Cottage

Upper Folds - Cairngorms National Park

Upper Folds

Plodda Falls Lodge - Drumnadrochit, Glenurquhart, Strathglass & Beauly

Plodda Falls Lodge

Pooltiel House - Skye & Lochalsh

Pooltiel House

The Orchids - Skye & Lochalsh

The Orchids

White-Tail Croft - Skye & Lochalsh

White-Tail Croft

Braehead Steading - Cairngorms National Park

Braehead Steading

Beach Lodge - Dumfries & Galloway

Beach Lodge

Sealight - Fort William & Lochaber


Tigh-na-Craobh (The Tree House) - Skye & Lochalsh

Tigh-na-Craobh (The Tree House)

Callakille - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig


Sixgeary - Skye & Lochalsh


Seascape Cottage - Dumfries & Galloway

Seascape Cottage

Lilybank - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness


Shepherd's Cottage - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Shepherd's Cottage

Taffs Barn - Inverness, Nairn & The Black Isle

Taffs Barn

Cnoc Ard - Sutherland & Caithness

Cnoc Ard

Seal Skerry Lodge - Skye & Lochalsh

Seal Skerry Lodge

Cedar Cottage - Inverness, Nairn & The Black Isle

Cedar Cottage

South Lodge - Argyll & Bute

South Lodge

Loch Cottage - Cairngorms National Park

Loch Cottage

Shellach Cottage - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Shellach Cottage

Seabank Cottage - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Seabank Cottage

The Stables - Fife

The Stables

Arrivain Cottage - Argyll & Bute

Arrivain Cottage

Tor Cottage - Western Isles

Tor Cottage

Pier Head - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Pier Head

Stable Cottage - Dumfries & Galloway

Stable Cottage

Ardbeg - Wester Ross


Log Ness - Fort Augustus & South Loch Ness

Log Ness

Cala - Sutherland & Caithness


The Challey at Heathcote - Cairngorms National Park

The Challey at Heathcote

Sealladh Eabhal - Western Isles

Sealladh Eabhal

Easter Knocklea Cottage - Cairngorms National Park

Easter Knocklea Cottage

Elderbank - Sutherland & Caithness


Roseville - Sutherland & Caithness


The Barn, Corrimony - Drumnadrochit, Glenurquhart, Strathglass & Beauly

The Barn, Corrimony

North Lodge - Dumfries & Galloway

North Lodge

Pityoulish Cottage - Cairngorms National Park

Pityoulish Cottage

Learag - Inverness, Nairn & The Black Isle


Coorie - Skye & Lochalsh


High Tor House - Western Isles

High Tor House

Strone - Drumnadrochit, Glenurquhart, Strathglass & Beauly


Leachachan Cottage - Skye & Lochalsh

Leachachan Cottage

Victoria Cottage - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Victoria Cottage

Fearnmore Church - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Fearnmore Church

Vindolanda - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig


The Old Manse Barn - Drumnadrochit, Glenurquhart, Strathglass & Beauly

The Old Manse Barn

Applecross Manse - Applecross, Lochcarron & Shieldaig

Applecross Manse

The Artist's Cottage - Inverness, Nairn & The Black Isle

The Artist's Cottage

Weiroch Lodge - Cairngorms National Park

Weiroch Lodge